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Comic Mining Art - Aussie Mining Figurines, Characters & Sculpture.

Harrison's Story – As an Artist now living in Mullumbimby NSW

At the young age of 14 Harrison left home, and started his training as an apprentice chef in New Zealand. After 28 years, his reputation as an international Chef grew. But he'd always harboured a dream - to give form to his many other artistic skills. So Harrison finally took that tremendous leap of faith many of us long to do. He swapped professional security for creative fulfilment. And after three long years, it paid off. In late February 2007, Neki Designs was launched on the international market.

Of course all dreams need funding, so a day job had to be found. For Harrison, it was the mining industry. But the surprise bonus was the awe-inspiriting atmosphere of working Underground.

How did you to create these Characters?
When Underground, there are times when you have to hold and wait for other trucks to be loaded; or other mining delays. During these wait periods you have to shut down until all is clear before you move on again. That's when I would use the back of my trucking sheets as a sketch pad, and start drawing what I saw and felt around me. With time, my work evolved, to the point where I began to imagine the drawings in 3D and thought what if.....?